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Forgive and be free
One of the major obstacles to Christian growth is resentment. By refusing to forgive, a Christian destroys himself spiritually, morally and physically.
Although this truth occupies such an important place in God's Word, it is, unfortunately, too often neglected. How many lives, homes and churches are wrecked by this scourge.
Without any doubt, the spirit of forgiveness is the very foundation of and an absolute condition for a happy and victorious Christian life. In this book we shall endeavour to discover together its full significance.
The Lord speaks clearly on this subject. He reveals to us that forgiveness is not a luxury but a necessity. He knows our hearts and our difficulties in this matter and for this reason He wants to help us experience the freedom that forgiveness can bring.
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Forgiveness really is the key to our relationship with God and other people. How often we have realized how greatly it is needed in the church. On the other hand, we have frequently rejoiced to see the spirit of forgiveness performing miracles, breaking the hardest hearts, rebuilding broken homes and changing the most desperate situation.
Having witnessed the wonderful results of the power of forgiveness in our own lives and home as well as in the lives of many other Christians, we could well imagine the impact there would be if we all grasped the glorious privi¬lege of forgiving, just as God forgave us through Christ. The result would be such a powerful move of the Holy Spirit that multitudes would be set free; families recon¬ciled, bodies healed and souls saved.
The church would come back to its first love and the Lord would be su¬premely glorified. May our God find in us a people who long to please Him, who thirst to be like Jesus Christ, for He was given to us as an Example to follow.
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